Review of Lucky Ladies Bingo

That concludes the discussion. We’ve made a concerted effort to avoid stereotyping bingo’s target demographic, but while we’re certain that it can’t be as simple as one core audience and one core audience alone, the folks behind this particular bingo website have gone and done exactly what everyone here was attempting to avoid: staked a claim in the ground and planted a flag in the soil of certainty.

Bingo for the Lucky Ladies That has been said. This service is clearly targeted towards the ladies in the room, who seem to be eager to ‘get fortunate’ and win large at some great bingo sessions. Perhaps we were born into the snowflake generation – too ready to presume people would take offense at the assumption that the primary demographic for online bingo would be ladies over the age of around 25. (everyone younger is still too busy doing that thing the call going out, or on Tinder, probably).

In any case, those behind this casino site clearly expect that women will be the primary players, which they should, given that they can see who is signing on through their membership information.

Attractive Ladies

Apart from the Big Brother proposals, Lucky Ladies is an attractive-looking website. The design – which portrays diverse women going about their daily lives – is attractively stylized, somewhat evocative of vintage art deco posters, for which we should be thankful. After all, it’s a much more visually attractive site than, instance, a collection of bright reds, oranges, and gold pound coins, which we recently had the displeasure of objectively analyzing.

The webpage itself loads quickly, and even if it didn’t, the wait would be worthwhile. This is the kind of thing we like – straightforward facts provided in an understandable manner. From the top menu bar, it’s clear what the choices are here — Bingo, Slots, and nothing else. Below is a slider graphic highlighting some of the benefits of signing up—we’ll discuss those promos later—and a real-time feed of current Jackpots and Winners, as well as a list of the games presently active in play.

It’s a darn site better than some others, which attempt to imply the presence of casino games but then don’t, or, worse, provide no information all about what’s beyond the next click. Because basic web design dictates that the fewer clicks the better, we’re puzzled as to why individuals continue to build and manage sites that need you to click around to get a sense of what’s going on within. You could do much worse in terms of first impressions, so let’s go on and begin the review properly.

Bingo, We’ve Been Anticipating Your Arrival

By selecting the Bingo option from the menu row at the top of the webpage, you’ll be sent to the website’s bingo area, which is where things get interesting. Or, at the very least, they do if you’ve come here to play some authentic bingo. Those who are not probable do not need to apply.

To begin, you’ll be presented with a table of events. This displays a complete list of all games now in play—the ones on the site were only a preview. According to what we saw during our examination of the site, you have 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball, and 50 ball, and that’s about it. Still, five distinct ball levels isn’t the worst we’ve seen, and any more would almost certainly overcomplicate the game. That is sufficient.

Slots for the Lucky Ladies

Select slots from the top menu bar to enter a world of slot machines. Although not quite a globe, there are still quite a few. There are considerably more slots available at Lucky Ladies Bingo than on other bingo websites, and this is something we should applaud.

However, the quality is quite variable. Some of these games are current, while others are out of date. Additionally, we’d like to remind you that anybody anticipating progressive jackpot slots and 3D or video slots will be disappointed, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. After all, this is primarily a bingo website, and as such, we cannot anticipate all the bells and whistles associated with a slot or full-range casino.

Though There Is a Casino

Although it is not the largest or greatest casino on the market, the website does have a casino component. You may think we’d be critical of the fact that the casino games are buried away — the choice to see the casino games only appears after you’ve clicked on the slots area – but we really have the opposite attitude.

By excluding this element from their advertising, they are not claiming to be a casino website—and there aren’t enough of them to do so lawfully. Yes, you may play deuces or blackjack or poker, but just a few games are available. Lucky Ladies Bingo deserves kudos for refusing to mislead us or lead us into some shrubbery labyrinth, as many other websites are all too happy to do.

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